Advisory Services for Weed & Pest Control around Trees & Industrial Sites

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Weed And Pest Control In Trees And Amenity Sites

A guide to the safe and effective use of herbicides and insecticides in woodlands, amenity sites and Christmas trees. Written to answer the questions posed every day on the Pesticide Helpline service.

book cover Key features include:
  • Over 100 pages of technical information and advice.
  • Analysis & summary of 60 herbicides, insecticides, growth regulators & fungicides.
  • Identification & control options of key weeds (full colour).
  • Advice on weed and insect control strategies in amenity, forestry and Christmas trees.
  • Comprehensive guide to efficient spray application.
  • Information on operator safety & COSHH.
  • Guidance on best environmental practice.
  • 41 tables.
  • Over 100 full colour photos.
  • Comprehensive list of publications and websites for further information.
  • E mail update subscription service.
Sample pages:

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