Advisory Services for Weed & Pest Control around Trees & Industrial Sites

Woodview Cottage, Raycomb Lane, Coddington, Herefordshire. HR8 1JH
tel/fax: 01531 633500.  mobile: 07906 964 702

Rural Services was established in 1977 & offers advice on weed, pest and disease control in:
  • Forestry
  • Amenity Woodlands
  • Industrial Sites
  • Farm Woodlands
  • Railway Cess, Sidings, Embankments
  • Highway Verges, Trees & Shrubs
  • Christmas Trees
  • Nature Reserves
  • Lakes and Ponds
Recommendations are given to provide: The service is designed to assist:

Rural Services is operated by Colin Palmer. Colin has worked with agrochemicals for around four decades, and developed his knowledge in a 20-year career with the agricultural division of Shell Chemicals where he had responsibilities for pesticide training and product development. During this period he was directly responsible for development of the forestry recommendations for Broadshot, Tracker and Falcon. Today he continues to assist the forestry industry and contractors by working with manufacturers to develop label and offlabel forestry recommendations.

Training Courses are offered regularly on forestry and amenity pesticides to a wide range of differing specifications. Customers include staff and members of most major UK forestry organisations including the Forestry Commission.

The Pesticides Helpline which Colin operates from his office near Ledbury offers advice to members of most of the UK's forestry organisations and management companies, and deals with over 400 queries a year.

An Expert Witness Service is also offered as a result of this extensive experience.

In addition to his field consultancy work, Colin represents the interests of private forestry by responding to government consultations and attending Minor Crops meetings of the DEFRA Pesticides Safety Directorate.

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